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JRL ONYX Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

por JRL
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Experience the future of grooming with the JRL Fresh Fade FF2020C Clipper Onyx #FF2020C-B. This revolutionary clipper boasts cutting-edge features designed to elevate your grooming game. From the patented Reset IQ Charge Technology to the advanced Smart-Clip and Cool Blade Technologies, this clipper is engineered to deliver unmatched performance and precision.

Key Features:

Patented Reset IQ Charge Technology: Redefining battery life, our clipper features groundbreaking Reset IQ Charge Technology. This innovation ensures that your clipper consistently charges to 100%, even after extensive use. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and enjoy a longer-lasting charge.

Swift Charging Options: Regular charging takes just 3 hours, while Reset IQ Charging extends to 5 hours. Get back to grooming in no time and maintain that grooming prowess throughout.

Patented Smart-Clip Technology: Our clipper is equipped with Smart-Clip Technology that intuitively senses blade resistance and adjusts the motor speed accordingly. No more drag or stalls – just a seamless, even cut every single time.

Constant Power for Precision: With two adjustable speeds – 6,000 & 7,500 RPM – the clipper ensures cutting versatility. Experience constant power as these speeds are maintained during usage, giving you the control you need.

Onyx Fade Precision Blade: Achieve the fresh fade look effortlessly with the Onyx Fade Precision Blade. With a maximum length of 3.5mm, precision is at your fingertips.

Quiet Motor, Serene Environment: Our clipper boasts a quiet motor, creating an environment conducive to focused grooming without unnecessary noise.

Extended Run Time: A mere 3-hour charge grants an impressive 5 hours of battery life, ensuring your clipper is always ready when you are.

Advanced Lever Locking Feature: With 5 steady level locking adjustments and infinite variable control, our clipper maintains consistent performance even over long-term use.

Cool Blade Technology: Our patented Cool Blade Technology keeps the blade cool to the touch, making it more comfortable and safer for extended use. The blade is also interchangeable with most professional clipper brands.

LED Display for Precision: The LED display indicates the remaining battery time in the current speed setting, allowing you to manage your grooming sessions effortlessly.

Comprehensive Accessories: Your purchase includes 1 Screwdriver, 1 Brush, 1 Lubricant Oil, 1 Blade Protector, and 10 Comb Guards (½#, 1#, 1-1/2#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#), ensuring your grooming experience is tailored to perfection. Plus, enjoy the convenience of the included US Plug and Reset IQ Charging Dock.

Elevate your grooming routine with the JRL Fresh Fade FF2020C Clipper Onyx #FF2020C-B. Embrace precision, innovation, and efficiency like never before. Invest in the future of grooming today.

Note: Actual performance may vary based on usage and maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

My best clipper right now the only con I can think of is that it’s quite difficult to zero gap and the tool that comes with it does not allow you zero gap but does help with adjusting the blade somewhat.

Jamie Simmons
Excellent: JRL Onyx Clipper

Awesome clipper! Quiet motor with a smooth click lever. Powerful and gentle. Excellent product with amazing battery life. Highly recommend.

Wrong item!

They gave me the wrong Gamma Shaver. I ordered “Gamma + absolute ZERO” and I received GAMMA Prodigy! Sheeesh and these people don’t answer Emails. Damn son!